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ssMEDIA was founded in 2008 by Australian Scott Yorston. Despite being educated in professional design and photography, it was Scott's natural ability as a self-taught artist that caught the eye of the motorsport fraternity.

Seven years later, ssMEDIA is now known as an industry leader when it comes to graphic design, with his ability to create innovative vehicle liveries unmatched by competitors in motorsport categories such as V8 Supercars, Porsche Carrera Cup, Touring Car Masters, Australian GT Championship and Formula Ford.

Along with a services portfolio including photography, general media, driver management, branding and marketing, it's Scott's passion for motorsport that makes his work stand apart from the rest. This has earned him the respected position of being the preferred livery designer for the official V8 Supercars media guide and promotional material, Walkinshaw Racing in V8 Supercars, Porsche Carrera Cup Australia, and Marc Cars Australia to name a few.

With every livery design being digitally created from scratch, Scott's attention to detail sees anywhere up to 50hours of work being put into his designs to ensure that the final product is not only 100 percent uniquely designed, but of the utmost quality.



Pete Hughes
Design Manager
General Motors Australia

'I've know Scott for many years, from when he first got started, to where he is today. His ever expanding skill set and relentless pursuit of excellence make him a great 'go to' guy for any Motorsport work. With a professional attitude and trustworthy nature, you can count on Scotty for a top job, every time.'

Passion and commitment is in everything he does.

Cole Hitchcock
General Manager - Media & Communications
V8 Supercars Australia

'ssMEDIA is the chosen graphic design service of V8 Supercars in the provision of high quality car illustrations. V8 Supercars incorporate illustrations in its annual media guide, commercial print publications, newspapers and usage online.'

The work supplied by ssMEDIA is exceptional, assisting V8 Supercars in the usage and supply of high quality illustrations.

Nathan Murray
Managing Director
Morris Finance Ltd

Having used ssMEDIA on various occasions in a design capacity we are indeed ecstatic with the design and delivery of our distinctive livery.

The positive feedback on the striking nature, the modern look and the lasting impression left on viewers of our fleet has and will continue to drive our branding and business forward. ssMEDIA have certainly exceeded our expectations, hence I have no hesitation in recommending them in their field of expertise.

Filippa Guarna
Driven Productions

The quality of work that ssMEDIA produces, especially with regard to design, is greater than anything I've witnessed during my 16 years in media and motorsport.

Scott Yorston's attention to detail and dedication to client satisfaction stands him - and his work - apart from every other design company in the industry. It's why the best companies and racing teams are associated and why I chose ssMEDIA to be a media partner for my own company as well. Scott is unbelievably passionate, always professional, and you can count on him to provide the best job, every time, without fail.

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